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Our Story


amplifyCHRIST is a ministry brand by Val and Stein Halvorsen. We're a married couple with roots all over the globe.  We're passionate about bringing Jesus into everything we do, and sharing Him with as many as possible.

For the longest time we've asked ourselves this question: Why is it so hard to find products that represent our relationship with Jesus in a modern, honest and intelligent way?

Instead of waiting around, we decided to start praying about how we could help meet this need. We've got a whole lot planned for the future, but to start things off we've decided to focus on t-shirts. Here's why:

Most Christian t-shirts tend to be for an organization/event. That's nice, but if we're not affiliated with those programs, we don't have a reason to wear it. And even if we do, it still tends to feel more like an advertisement rather than a simple statement about our faith.

The other common alternative is the generic Christian t-shirt with some corny joke plastered all over it, complete with a cheesy design. To us, these mostly feel like we're making fun of our own faith, instead of promoting it as the life-transforming message of truth and forgiveness that it is.

So, to kick off amplifyCHRIST, we've decided to revamp the Christian t-shirt, without the cheese.

Our current first launch is a special edition t-shirt to help support the emergency relief efforts in the Caribbean and other disaster-affected areas.

Head over to our shop to pre-order a shirt that resonates with what you believe, and enables you to help relieve suffering around the world.

After this first pre-order launch, we will release some new designs, and donate $1 of every t-shirt to continue supporting relief efforts.

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