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Our Story


amplifyCHRIST is a ministry brand by Val and Stein. We're a married couple with roots all over the globe. Ever since we got to know each other, we were passionate about bringing Jesus into everything we do, and sharing Him with as many as possible. Both of us have a deep interest in music, and we have used that for His glory by performing, teaching, leading a choir, orchestrating hymns and more.

But we always come back to this question: How can we show others how much God loves us all?

Maybe you've also asked yourself this question. The most obvious solution would be to use your words and your actions for Jesus. But in addition to that, we can share His love by simply wearing something that resonates with what we believe in.

Instead of advertising for the big brands, advertise for the God of Love.

Our aim is simple: Make elegant and eye-catching designs and put them on comfy tees and hoodies for you to wear.

Our purpose is two-fold: That you will be reminded of your purpose and value as you wear these simple faith-filled designs, and secondly, that others will have an added opportunity to ask you about the source of your faith, hope and love.


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